THE ROAD TO SOLD: Top 10 Consignment Questions



1. How do I sell my car at a Barrett-Jackson auction?

The first step in the selling (known in the auction world as “consigning”) process is to complete a Preliminary Consignment Request Form, including photos and a copy of your title, front and back. You can get started HERE.

After we have received your consignment request, we will contact you with more information on pricing, estimated value and availability at upcoming auctions.

2. What is the benefit of selling a vehicle at No Reserve?

No Reserve attracts serious bidders. A vehicle being sold at No Reserve indicates that it will be going home with the highest bidder, generating true auction block excitement – which typically equates to higher bids.

3. What is my car worth?

We will work with you to determine an estimated auction value, but in a No Reserve auction, the final price is ultimately determined by the bidders. You can also check the Results section of our website to determine what similar vehicles have sold for in the past on our auction block.


At a Barrett-Jackson auction, your car is showcased in front of hundreds of pre-qualified bidders.

4. What does it cost to sell my car?

To sell a vehicle at Barrett-Jackson, the consignor is responsible for an entry fee as well as a seller’s commission percentage of the hammer price. The entry fee is determined by day and time of your Lot entry and includes display space.

5. Does the title have to be in my name to consign a vehicle?

Yes, unless you are a vehicle dealer.

6. How do I get my vehicle to the auction site?

Barrett-Jackson is proud to partner with the following vehicle transport companies that can assist you, or you may make your own arrangements.

7. Do I have to be there when my car arrives?

No, if your paperwork is complete. However, if the paperwork is not complete, your car will be held in a holding area until all required documents are received and your VIN number is verified.

8. What do I do with documentation or property that goes with the car?

Things like awards and copies of important documents related to your vehicle are helpful to illustrate its provenance. Barrett-Jackson has created a property room to collect and secure all of the documentation and special items that go with each auction vehicle. When a vehicle is checked in at the auction site, a Barrett-Jackson representative will remove all of the property from the vehicle and secure it for the new owner.

9. Can I drive my car over the auction block?

Yes, you may (with adherence to all applicable motor vehicle laws), or we will supply a driver for you.

10. What happens after my car goes over the auction block?

When your car sells, it is moved to a designated, secure location until the new owner takes it home. After 21 banking days, the proceeds from the sale will be mailed to you.