How do I Consign my Vehicle?
  • The Preliminary Consignment form will take you approximately 15 minutes to fill out for each vehicle you would like to consign.
  • We highly recommend that you have the following information available before you begin filling out the preliminary consignment form.
    • A copy of the title for the vehicle(s).
      NOTE: If you are applying for consignment ONLINE then you should scan the FRONT and BACK of the title and have the images ready for uploading.
    • If you are a DEALER, a copy of your Dealer License.
      NOTE: If you are applying for consignment ONLINE then you should scan the FRONT and BACK of the Dealer License and have the images ready for uploading.
    • If you have other documentation about the vehicle(s) have those documents handy as well.
      NOTE: If you are applying for consignment ONLINE then you should scan the FRONT and BACK of the documents and have the images ready for uploading.
    • A minimum of 25 photos of your vehicle(s).
      Click here to visit our Consignment Photo Instructions Page for details on how to take your photographs. NOTE: If you are applying for consignment ONLINE then you should have these pictures in digital files ready for uploading.
    • You should know the following information about your vehicle(s). You WILL BE required to provide this information BEFORE you can be considered for consignment in a Barrett-Jackson Auction.
      • The year, make, model, and body style of the vehicle.
      • Interior and exterior color(s) of the vehicle(s).
      • The size of the engine in the vehicle(s).
      • The number of cylinders in the vehicle(s).
      • Is/Are the engine(s) in the vehicle(s) original.
      • The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the vehicle(s). You can find the VIN number on the title of the vehicle(s).
      • Has the horsepower of the vehicle(s) been modified?
      • Does the vehicle(s) have an automatic or manual transmission.
      • Does the vehicle(s) have documented high performance parts?
      • The condition of the vehicle(s) i.e. Custom, Custom Restored, Numbers Matching, Original, Original Restored, or Stock.
      • What do YOU think the vehicle(s) is worth?
      • A short description of the vehicle(s) (maximum of 250 characters including spaces).
      • A long description of the vehicle(s) (maximum of 2000 characters including spaces).
Why Should I Consign with Barrett-Jackson?
  • Integrity
  • Over 4 decades of industry leading experience
  • Professionalism – treating each person with dignity and respect
  • Trust – we walk the talk
  • Transparency – no games; no hidden fees; total transparency
  • Ethics – in 2010, voted top 100 companies in the world by Ethisphere
  • Passion for the business – business run by car guys
  • Vehicles offered reflecting diverse marketplace
  • Car enthusiasts – team lives and breathes cars
  • Relationships – solid throughout the industry and respected throughout the industry
  • Online and telephone bidding
  • Website traffic to promote your vehicle
  • Most aggressive advertising campaign in the industry
  • Live TV coverage
Why Should You Consign Your Vehicle with Barrett-Jackson?
  • Barrett-Jackson has the resources, experience and reputation to market and sell your collector car
  • This expertise is why we attract the most motivated buyers from around the world to attend our events and purchase your vehicle
  • We offer both no reserve and reserve consignment options
  • Proven track record of multiple world record transactions with the no reserve format
  • Bid with trust
  • Consign with confidence
Why No Reserve at Barrett-Jackson?
  • Barrett-Jackson’s No Reserve format is the purest form of auction and the most productive.
  • No Reserve attracts highly motivated bidders from around the world.
  • The level of bidding excitement is heightened by competitive bidders going toe-to-toe knowing that the vehicle is for sale.
  • Values established over the block represent a snapshot of a “real” transparent marketplace.
  • Barrett-Jackson’s No reserve auctions attract a large percentage of new bidders entering the collector car hobby.
Why Reserve at Barrett-Jackson?
  • Barrett-Jackson works equally hard to maximize the value of both No Reserve and Reserve consignments.
  • Reserve thresholds vary from auction to auction and range from $150k to $500k.
  • Reserve amounts are agreed upon after analyzing your vehicles potential value and correlating that with current market trends.
  • It is important to understand that the reserve amount should be considered a “safety net” understanding our joint goal is to get as much as possible for your vehicle.
  • Highest customer service levels
  • Transparency
  • Highest degree of ethics in the industry proven by being awarded top ethical company
  • Bringing buyers and sellers together to fuel the passion and hobby of the industry
Preparation: Before the Event
  • Consign Your Vehicle: The best auction times are given to cars consigned early. “Prime time Lot numbers and surrounding Lots go fast, with similar vehicles competing for placement. Barrett-Jackson carefully screens prospective entries in an attempt to ensure car quality, authenticity and realistic market value pricing. If you are looking to sell a top quality vehicle, consign as early as possible to maximize your exposure. You should think 4-6 months before an event.
  • Take Advantage of Advertising: Excellent quality or professional photos included with your early consignment are essential and can be used in pre-auction ads and promotional materials. Include your photos, the title for vehicle(s) featured in Barrett-Jackson's advertising campaign must accompany your Preliminary Consignment form.
  • Have Your Paperwork Correct: A correct title, properly completed forms, and pre-paid fees will expedite your registration process. At the auction site, Express Check-in lines are provided for those who have completed all of these necessary procedures. Help us help you. Complete and accurate descriptions and history of your car assists the promotion of the car during the auction preview and while the auctioneers describe your vehicle while on the auction podium.
  • Instructions: During the check-in process, cooperation and carefully following instructions provided by the auction staff will get your vehicle positioned on the field and ready for sale with minimal fuss and hassle.
Showtime at the Auction Site
  • Check In Early: Have plenty of time to get your vehicle in its proper assigned space, thus allowing as many prospective buyers as possible to view your car.
  • Detail Your Car: Wipe your car off regularly while on display and before your car gets transferred to the sale staging area. Not only does this enhance the appearance, but gives you an opportunity to interact with prospective buyers. A fully detailed car is significantly more attractive to interested buyers.
  • Be Accessible: Be with the vehicle or have someone available to provide pertinent information about your car. No one knows your car like you do. If you cannot be available, place a note on your car with times you will be available to answer questions. A car that remains locked up with no one around to answer questions is not conducive to piquing the interest of a potential buyer. The car is essentially sold when the buyer sees the car on display during the preview. The auction simply establishes the price!
  • Honesty is the Best Policy: Be accurate. If you do not know something, say so. Do not make any representation about facts you are unsure of. Serious purchasers may actually have more interest because of your genuine candor, but statements that later prove false will compromise your integrity and place your sale at risk.
  • Prepare a Fact Sheet: Include your Lot # and the day your car will sell. Prospective buyers can take this with them as a reminder of when your car is selling, use it for comparison, or research their prospective purchase (your car). This serves as an example of your honest representation that makes a potential buyer feel secure.
  • Have Copies of Vehicle Documentation: Prospective buyers would like this available for inspection. Documentation includes, but is not limited to old registrations, purchase orders, maintenance history, magazines articles in which your vehicle appears, show history and authenticity of your car'’s provenance.
  • Remain with Your Car: As you move through the staging process and as it prepares to go over the block, many people will see your car at this time (who may not have seen it in the display area) and being available to answer any new, or last minute questions is critical. Remember, this is your final chance to interact "face-to-face" with the buyers. A number of buyers only look at cars during the staging process.
  • Cross the Block with Your Car: We strongly suggest that you are present with your car at the auction block. Situations manifest themselves on the block that may require your attention. After all your hard work getting your vehicle to this critical point, this is your "moment in the sun".” Take full advantage of it!
  • Remember the Little Stuff: The best restored car in the world will not do well at auction if the battery fails or the car runs out of gas. The unexpected may happen and the auction company is available to assist you, but, as the consignor, you need to check all the obvious items to ensure your car runs and shows well.
  • Don'’t Be Afraid to Ask: This can be an intimidating exercise, but if you have a question or problem, we can help. Remember, Barrett-Jackson’'s goal is to sell your car and have you as a satisfied customer.

The auctioning of your car is a team effort and regardless of size, reputation or location, the organization cannot do it all. You, the consignor, must be a willing participant and you are an integral part in getting your car sold for top dollar. The auction company does not guarantee success, but as a team, we can optimize the chances for a successful sale at top dollar.

After the Gavel Falls
Sold! With all the necessary paperwork in order with our auction office at the time of car consignment, your payment will be mailed to you within 21 banking days following the close of the event.